Counter Techniques KAESHI WAZA

Kaeshi Waza (counter techniques) are considered to be one of the most important parts of martial teaching. These techniques are worthy and allow combatants to explore each other’s flaws and exploit them. The best way to fix your flaws is to face them head-on.

List of Counter Techniques:

  • tomoe nage to ko soto gari
  • ko uchi gari to hiza guruma
  • hane goshi to harai tsuri komi ashi
  • harai goshi to o soto guruma
  • uchi mata to uki otoshi
  • uchi gari to uki waza
  • uchi gari to de ashi harai
  • soto gari to o soto gari
  • ko soto gari to uchi mata

The counterattack techniques require one to condition the body, and many physical attributes are trained. The body is trained to become elastic, neutral, mobile, heavy, and connected; this is how Kaeshi Waza is taught. Total neutrality in the body is taught systematically, as it is not an easy skill to learn and master. Instructors teach students how to neutralise attacks and not block them, regaining control of one’s body.

The ultimate goal here is to learn to exploit your opponent’s flaws by learning to counter the opposing force. This technique is more about observing the movements and actions of your opponent, finding a flaw, and then taking advantage of it. Many Judokas use wait-fighting tactics. However, then there is the “attack is the best defence” strategy. Hence, there is no general rule. Counter techniques should be practised as vigorously as attack techniques.

The speed of the counter determines its success or failure. The reaction should not be too fast or too slow. It should be proportionate according to the speed of the opponent. It is more like setting a trap and then waiting for the right moment while being fast enough to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented by the opponent.

For competitors, this means that they have to use every trick in their possession and how good throw preparation is combined with other techniques. Though it is difficult, but not impossible to combine techniques, 2-3, or even more. This will make you more versatile and dynamic.

A good combo in a Judo game is always handy. But when your opponent defends it, a counter can change the game. The main idea is to turn the tables on your opponent by using his throwing techniques against him.

Kaeshi Waza starts with a blocking technique (Uke-Kata), along with shifting control (Tai-Sabaki). These techniques are taught in a safe environment and, when done correctly, will not cause an injury. That is why is it vital that students who wish to learn this technique do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor.