Judo for Kids

Judo is an awesome martial art that is great for kids. The teaching and training of Judo help children learn discipline, improve focus and self-esteem, build a healthy lifestyle, be adaptive and protect themselves from bullies.

It is the ideal contact sport that develops children, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Judo is safe a and fun activity for kids. It is more than throws and holds, it is a way of life that teaches respect and honour. The principles taught by Judo help children reach their goals and enhance their abilities, all in a safe environment.

We ensure that your child’s abilities and confidence level rise. Our approach is systematic and completely safe. Judo is not about pushing a child to his/her limits, it is about teaching them body mechanics and values that build a positive moral character.

Our classes start at age 5 and we offer a balanced approach where children are exposed to games, free practice, learning techniques, and physical fitness.

We start by teaching children throwing techniques, learning to fall, control holds, grappling, and submission. We do not teach how to fight as Judo is not about aggression. Instead, children are provided with a sporting environment where they can develop their social skills and have fun. We take children how to respect others while being highly disciplined. More importantly, we teach children how to contribute to the community. 

We also teach self-defence to kids. Children should also know how to avoid difficult situations and know how to defend themselves if the situation cannot be avoided. We teach children not to become bullies but know how to defend themselves against one.

We ensure that all the activities are fundamentally safe because all of the techniques in Judo are not risky if they are practised properly.

One of the core benefits of Judo is building character. Students face difficult situations and are taught how to cope with them. The teachings of Judo help children understand the importance of politeness, honesty, and respect.

Kids who learn Judo are often highly disciplined and demonstrate sportsmanship.

There is no striking in Judo, any kind of kicks, punches or the use of weapons are not allowed. Along with a professional, clean and safe environment, experienced Judokas make sure that they teach Judo in the most risk-free way possible.

We encourage students who want to compete. Parents usually send their children so that they can improve their physical and mental attributes. Judo is known to build a strong foundation for children to become healthy adults. Additionally, Judo nurtures self-respect and teaches the importance of being honest and respectful to others.

Judo gives children an outlet to direct their energy and children are taught how to control their emotions.

The environment of Judo combines discipline, physical activity, and self-defence skills, which makes it an excellent sport for kids.