No Limits Judo

People who have special needs can participate in No Limits Judo. Instructors offer encouragement and proper training in a safe environment. People with special needs are talented and they can also learn and have fun taking part in the sport of Judo.

Judo is an excellent choice for people with special needs. The sport will build stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, overall cardiovascular fitness, confidence, and improved body structure. No Limits Judo is the perfect sport to help people demonstrate their talent and compete with other people with special needs. There is more public awareness about people with special needs and how capable they are. This sport allows all those with special needs to compete, promote an active lifestyle and become an example for others.

Students are given a safe environment and are taught everything they need to know about No Limits Judo. It begins with an inclusive physical education that helps students understand and learn what their bodies can do. Judo helps them enhance their psychomotor capabilities, social skills, and general fitness.

No Limits Judo is an excellent choice to improve motor coordination and discipline. The philosophy of Judo will teach them about mutual welfare and benefit (Jita-Kyoei) and maximum use of energy (Seiryoku-Zenyo). Overall, students learn about life and how to make a difference, improving their lives and that of others around them.

People with special needs can learn the best ways to deal with problems and how not to be selfish. Additionally, Judo teaches us to use energy where required and not waste it on things that are not important.

The art of Judo embraces everyone. Such is the beauty of this sport. The movements and techniques are highly adaptive, which means that anyone of any body type can learn and master the art of Judo.

Judo is not about being aggressive or hurting anyone. It is rather the opposite. It is also not about strength or power. Those who can best use their force and the force of their opponents against them win. Judo is about wisdom.

Judo is called the “gentle way” for a reason. Always be gentle, kind, and considerate with others, respecting everyone and looking at life to serve the truth. Judo helps people make the best out of every situation while taking precautions and solving problems with a clear mind.

It is highly productive for people with special needs to participate in physical activities. It does not matter if the disability is sensorial, physical, social, or intellectual, No Limits Judo will help these people improve their self-esteem, social skills, and mental and physical attributes. Any person with special needs may find it difficult to be social and this results in isolation, No Limits Judo helps them by giving them the support that they need so that they develop the ability to adapt to life, in a better and more productive fashion.

There is no kicking or punching and the training is completely safe. The Judo environment incorporates interaction and prepares people to work with each other, helping them understand rules while respecting others.