Hold Downs

Hold Downs OSAE KOMI WAZA (Hold Down Techniques)

You might be wondering what constitutes a pin in the sport of Judo. Pinning techniques (Osaekomi-waza) is a group of grappling techniques (Katame-waza) that represent different variations of hold-down techniques.

Can I pin my opponent in Judo?

A Judo pin depends on the referee rules, and that is why is it not necessarily a standard pin. The objective of a Judo match is to score a full point, ippon. This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Pinning your opponent on the back.
  2. Maintaining control of the head and shoulders for 20 seconds or half point for 10 seconds.

Pinning Techniques (Osaikomi-waza)

Top Four Corner Hold (Kami Shiho Gatame)

This pinning technique is similar to Kami Shiho gatame. The opponent is pinned with his arms to his side. This is done by grabbing the belt and then inwardly pressing the arms of the opponent.

Shoulder Hold (Kata Gatame)

In terms of grappling, this is a side control hold. It is used in Judo for a hold-down. In BJJ this technique is used as a choke and is also called the arm triangle choke.

Scarf Hold (Kese Gatame)

Like the shoulder hold, this is also one of the seven mat holds. This is categorized as a side control hold in grappling terms and is commonly known as a scarf hold. The ‘scarf’ does not refer to the western neck scarf but to a sash worn by Buddhist monks that were formerly known as ‘kesa’. The classic Judo hold requires the practitioner to place one grip on the lapel of his opponent, and one grip near the elbow, this leads naturally to Kesa Gatame.

Modified Four Corner Hold (Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame)

This is a modified version of the upper four corner hold (kami-Shiho-gatame). Instead of positioning your arms beneath your opponent’s arm, you position your hands over your opponent’s arm while gripping your opponent from the back of his collar. You also use your left arm, wrapping your opponent’s neck and shoulder.

Straight Four Corner Hold (Kuzure Tate Shiho Gatame)

This hold technique is used by holding your opponent down by sitting across him, holding his legs and upper body, and pushing him down. This technique is used by pinning the opponent from the shoulder to the arm. This is an easy technique and can be used by combatants, regardless of their stature and rank.

Modified Scarf Hold (Kuzure Kesa Gatame)

This is similar to the scarf hold and is categorized as a hold down. This technique is performed by inserting the knee into your opponent’s armpit from the side while facing your opponent’s head.

Pillow Scarf Hold (Makura Kesa Gatame)

The pillow scarf hold is another variation of the scarf hold. The difference is that the practitioner performs this technique while facing his opponent’s legs instead of facing his head.

Chest Hold (Mune Gatame)

This technique is used to control the chest. It is used to immobilize opponents and earn a full point.

Tate-shiho-gatame (Straight four-corner hold)

In this hold-down technique, the practitioner holds down his opponent from the side while keeping him down.

Ushiro Kesa Gatame (Reverse Scarf Hold)

Similar to the scarf hold, the reverse scarf hold is performed by facing the legs of your opponent.

Yoko Shiho Gatame (Side Four Corner Hold)

  • Starts from the opponent’s right side.
  • Leaning over at a right angle and holding the opponent down with your body.
  • Grip the belt with your left arm.
  • Grip your opponent’s trousers with your right hand.
  • Use your chest to pin your opponent.